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Our mission is to unlock the potential of Kenyan education through technology.

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What Drives Us

Our Values

We offer a comprehensive suite of digital tools, software, and content designed to empower our users in every aspect of their educational journey.

Be Boldly Visionary.

We dream big, take daring leaps, and embrace challanges with a hunger for impact. Our vision propels us to strive for transformative changes in the educational landscape.

Hamo & Associates
Hamo & Associates

Be Agilely Efficient.

We are agile and efficient, maximizing resources to prioritize high impact initiatives. We move swiftly, ensuring that our actions deliver tangible value and propel us toward our goals.

Be Uniquely Unorthodox.

We celebrate diversity of thought, encourage dissent, and cultivate an environment where every voice contributes to shaping the future. Our Unorthodox approach sparks innovation and creativity.

Hamo & Associates
Hamo & Associates

Be Continuously Scholary.

We are lifelong learners, committed to data-driven decisions, rigorous research, and an unweivering persuit of knowledge. Our scholary approach ensures the we evolve with the ever changing educational landscape.